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gucci flipflops – 30430 freestyle lyrics


gucci, gucci

from the south where they often use word of oppression
then claim its not offensive, they ain’t trying to oppress em
from a place where its not uncommon to have depression or at least not for me
because i’ve seen some shit happen
shit i rarely speak on when i’m rapping
i’ve seen girls go from straight edge and straight a’s, thinking that maybe they’d succeed
to sucking d for some e, in a split second
f it, not trying to spit a corny message
this ain’t no conscious shit, this just some clearing this shit off my chest and conscience shit
and i could never deal keys, couldn’t handle the guilt
cocaine castles, never fit for the build
i mean would never be able to pay the bills
and a couple people act like they know me, and think that we’re really homies
but they don’t really know shit, they don’t know what i really hold in, d-mn
lately i’ve been feeling kinda down, kinda b-m
oh well, i’m not really, not really worry about that cause where i’m from
i know i still got homies on me, 30 for 30 look like my whole team with me
might need a 30 for 30 d-mn i need a big ring with me
look like i’m mike tyson with a big ring with me, d-mn
i might just slip off this serious shit and start joking again
i mean, what i mean joking? imma start talking about poking again, d-mn
i heard the beat and had to be serious, i mean d-mn are you hearing this
i couldn’t do that joke shit over this, nah
i couldn’t do that fake shit over this
had to do that great shit over this
had to do my drake shit over this
had to clear my chest, of some bullshit
i mean i know a couple people are full of it
from straight a’s to a junkie
man that shit ain’t even funny
i seen that shit happen, shit wild
i’m rapping about this, i usually don’t
i’m usually on some joke shit but right now i’m, i had to get some shit off my chest
just had to get some shit off my chest
but i still got the whole team with me like a 30 for 30
d-mn, every song i make, yeah this is like what 30 or 30
everything’s a hit, i mean everything i spit becomes a hit, holy shit, d-mn
i from a place where, someone gets pregnant, they say “what’d you expect?
did you see the color her skin was? did you see just how her friend was?
d-mn she ended up just like her friend, and just like…”
man nah that’s just some stereotypes, i don’t rock with that
i know a couple people who ain’t gon make it to graduation to rock that cap
d-mn, i’m just trying to make it big so i can rock that ice
or at least to where i’ll know where imma sleep every night
i’m usually on my joke shit but this time i’m serious
because i heard the beat and was like d-mn are you hearing this
i can’t be funny on this shit, i gotta be serious
i gotta express some shit, because it’s been on my chest
i’ve been waiting for the moment, hoping that you’re enjoying this
but i dunno, you probably think it’s corny because it ain’t
it ain’t that gucci flipflops that you’re used to
used to me rapping about “oh d-mn girl i used you, d-mn girl i’m just trying to f-ck you
d-mn girl, i don’t really want you”
but took a second to open up and now the song’s closing up, d-mn
and you know what’s up