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gucci mane – making love to the money lyrics


“making love to the money”

makin love to the money
i swear the s-x great
i kicked them hoes out
but let the money stay
makin love to the money like a s-x tape
i’m talkin kim k i’m talkin ray j
makin love to the money on the interstate
can’t keep my hands off her
we on a dinner date
i’m makin love to my money
shawty keep me str8
i cant live without her
i f-ck her everyday

[verse 1:]
shawty stay by my side when i started grindin
she the main reason why a n-gg- shinin
strippers cant see me all this money flyin
30 yrs old talkin bout retirin
i’ma show these hoes who the king of diamonds soon as i walk in the king of diamonds
she broke up wit me once almost had me cryin
she knew that i was cheatin cause she caught me lyin
king of the jungle i’ma lion
white line at the house
we named it miley cyrus
she never talk back baby very private
she got me talkin sh-t but she kinda quiet


[verse 2:]
i gotta take her every where
cause these n-gg-s crazy
only leave her by herself
on special occasions
i love makin love cause she so amazing
when i bring her to the club
them hoes be goin crazy
every n-gg- in the hood
wanna f-ck my lady
cant wait for me to slip
so they can take my baby
she get me outta jams
or tight situations
love aint got no cut off point
aint no limitations
she got me in that dice sittin on them thangs
we strikin out them hoes dont look at me the same but f-ck it they aint gotta f-ck wit me at all
i pick my baby up & took her to the mall


[verse 3:]
now baby aint no angel
but she a keeper
before she dealt wit me
she dealt wit some real evil people
she bought me ak’s call it desert eagles
cocaine hammer pills man its stupid regals
i took her from her ex yeaa he kinda cheap
the very day she left
we started beepin
and she dont ever lie to me
she keep it real
your b-tch keep comin short
my b-tch keep wearin heels
she keep on standin tall
she never stand me up
she’ll go to war wit anybody
she dont give a f-ck
she help me keep it in the road
like a hub cap
so i keep her on my mind
like a skull cap