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gudda gudda – small thing to a giant lyrics


“small thing to a giant”
(feat. lil wayne)

[gudda gudda:]
i’m bout that drama, you f-cking with tha cannon n-gg-
got a gangsta grill yellow diamonds when i rambo n-gg-
so don’t cross we got ammo like rambo n-gg-
lifes a gamble you cr-ped out you bad gambling n-gg-
n-gg- moving fast gotta pump the brakes on em
they better pump em fast before i beat the brakes off em
my goons real hungry looking for a big break
and you’s a real phony looking like a big steak
so get your sh-t straight, before i grab this big ape
hit you in your left eye now you can’t see sh-t straight
ray charles n-gg- blind to the fact
while you was in your cl-ss, i was grinding and getting scratched
the knife grind you and you scratched
now you crying like a b-tch, you a bird got wings
i’m a fly you with the pack, uh
these little n-gg-s got the nerves
these n-gg-s under me
i put you under my wing, n-gg- you’s a son to me

[chorus: gudda gudda]
small thing to a giant
small thing to a giant
small thing to a giant
small thing to a giant

[lil wayne:]
yeah, guess what?, streets off paper
and me, i’m praying for probation
like my ancestors prayed for segregation
i’m a predator when i pray, i don’t mean meditation
i mean vegetation, f-ck the feds and f-ck the federation
and every agent, man i want an asian, s-x her like a geisha
get up in her stomach like ignacio, let me stop
naa let me keep going, c4ing, we blowing
up you better be detouring if we touring then she snoring cause he boring
shorty need a refund bring it back
and when it comes to me she pre-ordering and reordering and reordering
and i be ballin and i’m free falling and i sleep out of that p-ssy
and when she calling i don’t answer
but she keep calling and keep calling
and we ballin like we ballin
as a matter of fact like street ballin
we evolving, they dissolving
cincinatti reds hat, red black
cops find your body but they don’t know where your head at
uh, i’m goin in like wet p-ssy, no money, that sound like debt to me
b-tch i don’t give a motherf-ck
yea i’m leanin, bout to pour me up another cup
yea i’m high, bout to roll me up another blunt
i rolled a biggie smalls… heres another one
i’m in love with wayne, long hair don’t care
b-tch call me rick james, hahaha
weezy that n-gg-, and don’t forget da baby you f-cking babysitter

[chorus: lil wayne]
small thing to a giant
small thing to a giant
small thing to a giant
and this a small thing to a giant

[gudda gudda:]
i’m goin in like i’m goin home
20 thousand on my wrist and my neck that’s my rolling stone
went from being broke to not a pot to p-ss in
now i gotta pocket full of dead politicians
stop n-gg- listen
cause i’m a bout to rape the game down
no toilet paper on me while i’m sh-tting
fly boy hover over n-gg-s like a flying saucer
ymob, don’t make me call the bosses
ym gon eat and run like break-fast
been running for too long it’s time to take cash
and i’m a smoke the game cause no air kills
and for the money i eat beats up like bear grylls
b-tches love me when they stare i give them rare chills
but money is over her, she can’t see in a pair of heels
young n-gg- bout to bleed the game
throw a stack at dem hoes and tell em keep the change
gasoline flow light the match, watch it spark
fire jumpin off my lips everytime i talk
living legend in the flesh, i’m the champ yes
i’m serving n-gg-s like my name is pete sampras
get hyphy if you want and i’m a shake them dreads
and go dumb with the tool upside your head
who want it? you get em, i taunt em
take all his money then i take a sh-t on him
your whole click is phony, my little ponys
gudda walk alone and sh-t my shadow is my army
why i need a n-gg- when i got my tool on me
my little buddy got bullets like the army
military thoughts like i trained with al-qaida
raid a n-gg-s crib with a box cutter razor
look, so bow down to the chief the the champ
dictator in the streets n-gg- signed and stamped

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