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gustav lindstrom – the dark sides lyrics


this is the most personal song i’ve ever written…..don’t worry, i’ve gotten better since then…..enjoy

the dark sides

words & music by gustav g lindstrøm

[verse 1]
yeah, i don’t know if this is going to be too deep or too much
but i think this at least is going to be a little bit rough
because it’s not everyday i share something like this with a lot
this is more than just a thing that you back in the days have forgot
once when i was in my deepest and darkest place in my life
i first of all took my shirt off
i started to think i’ma make a hole in my chest with a knife
i’m forever thankful the lord
that i didn’t reach farther or in the moment did it to myself
it was definitely my own dark sides and mental health
but i’m glad that it didn’t took over when i felt very lonely
and i also felt that anyone never could call me homie

[verse 2]
i have never been or felt addicted to liquor or beer
i just don’t like the feeling of being drunk and disappear
i wanna remember or just know what happen last night clear
and wanna know what people would and wouldn’t like to hear
i often think people around me would takes my words as trash
they either gets me wrong or i just spit ’em out like a flash
i write this so people can see how it is to be ignored
and every time it happens it feels like i just got divorced
yeah you can probably not relate to what i just explored
because you may think this is the thing to get depressed and bored
i’m terrified for i never will make it and have no money
or at least just have a job that i’ll find comfortable and funny
[verse 3]
i never forget that day i saw my mom cry for the first time
i was scared and surprised at the same time as if it was a crime
cause it was me that created it to the memory outline
but i realised in the end that i just should let it combine
making friends is a thing i never had learned wherever i was
i always felt that i’m the depressed friend in the zone with a cross
i would say that i’m the completely opposite of a big boss
but at the same time, i’m not that much the same as a little sloth
cause if some hurt people i care about i’m turning to a goth
i don’t know why people in this industry call women b+tches
they talk about ’em as often as you put some food on dishes
you wouldn’t be here if your dad have treated your mom like witches

people often ask me what i want to do with life
i wanna make music, make people smile and just do the thing i like the most for a living
i mean if you don’t like your job, what do you do it for?
choose the things that makes you feel better
if people don’t like it or say you should choose a different way
don’t listen to them
listen to yourself
you can do anything, if you want
do what make you feel free!