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guttermouth – i saw the light lyrics


sometimes i find i can’t do the things to keep you
out of my mind i need a drug
to help me forget you

you can’t deny this from me
my pride
i finally realized that you don’t want me
i saw the light

losing you has shown on me
i payed your price
i never asked that much from you
rolling the dice
with you i always
always seem to lose

you can’t deny this from me
my right i’m gonna say what i want
you don’t own me cause i know why you will be sorry

i wont be denied you can’t deny it from be
every time i’m outta live i only tried to speak my mind
i can’t hold on must lets go i can say i told you so
you tell me that you changed your mind your to late to realize
that i’m long gone and doing fine you don’t own me