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guy sebastian – cover on my heart lyrics


everyday feels all the same
9 to 5 gets so mundane
but something breaks with just one glimpse of you
i would stare so long awhile
trying to tell you with my eyes
i didn’t say a thing i thought you knew

i wish i never did -ssume, cos…

i was gonna tell you today
i even wrote the words i would say
i finally found the courage
but now it’s too far
it took me all this time to reveal
what everything about you does to me
so tell me why did i keep a cover on my heart

spend all night trying to explore just
how i’d tell you i adore ya
and how i’m moved by every word you say

but today there’s an empty sp-ce
i’ve found you gone without a trace
i wish that i coulda told you yesterday


it feels like my point of existence
has vanished with you in the distance
whatever it takes i’ll persist
till i see your face again