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gabriel – furry feelings lyrics


on every encounter on this counter i can count at least 3 or more trees being uprooted from my mind i could count at least 5 of each hive
i can bee as i chastise my self from being all the things that i’ve seen.
struggle to be the no.
1 problem causing you never to be like em
consecutively observant on some observation platform that retains the reform of all my legacies and all my actions
clearly i have chosen to be something off not to be on this new action movie with a murderers feeling going in for the killing
jack the reaper gets afraid of him, grow up to never retain what you were brought up to say
that’s if they even managed to manage you when you were on your way into making a story that asheroth tot over all that was glowing
imagine me the dumb -ss sh-t as can be elevating or tryna remain and retain what y’all have and taking himself out to be taken by a girl who cares less about and
fighting insecurities providing company as a president goes out and
shows the whole world what he knows and collect what he owns as he comes up and stands for what is right
himself or another right man, i am lost so we see that female is enough to make one tough but to complicate what we see
is as seen as the sin we punks show on tv and strugglin’ not to be what we observe under the microscope and
fight for what is right in his own eyes, he sells soul and loses all that was lost before so as he goes forward there is no reason to board this boredom road in oar
imagine the dragon radioactive spitting words at that, i am defined by the pain i was meant to sway but i utilise and that proves i won’t be the same after the songs over cos

well broken as can be but rebuilding the story to tell y’all and receive glory no matter how tough the physics between us is imploding
i’ll remain by your side at least that’s what i’m hoping, but na, i’m just that other guy staying around like it’s summertime burning up from how hot you are and then i realise
i’m actually freezing and chilling in this harmattan season with a person i’m hanging on for help to save me from a psychotic place, i’m a welch
a defiant never obeying further i’m saying that i made it by thinking of you out of all the mistakes i rue i noticed i still want you
broken need to be heavily replaced placing we in the uppercase, it’s so hard to remain the same after i’ve clearly become insane
bone all the rot got from the underground the hurts are a reminder that all hot and complicated situations won’t deserve any resurrection
if treated as a healing point to stand up and destroy the gun point at a fact that i’m saying this attack that’s reigning will be remaining a balance fare of all this i wear
the torn cloths gotten from the th-rns wasn’t all made funny forgetting the hard unforgiving experience gotten from all these pain and suffering
i’m tired of working at a pace that can’t compete on this race which i need to complete let’s forget how it is
i’m psychotic and dreaming this wishlist i’m bringing up just proves that i’m giving up, the other me tearing this paper sh-t and telling me to fly after making a paper plane
only proves that i’m just here this far because i carried this scars with diligence so far and i’m saying that i’m

i might hold of fuss about some other girls it isn’t tough to sought out what i must become with all this sh-t i’ve overcome
f-ck all this sucking dry things that call themselves friends by my side i look and i sigh
what kind of life am i living maybe i’ll stab myself with a knife to just see how many guys around me were lies to see me on a bed laying in red human liquid so i must suffice
i lack what’s known as a guardian a true one, all this newspapers reading daily remind me of this swollen feeling i think that i’m breathing

cos on this is situated all those that waited
to remain on a sane place as to say i’m not insane
all those that i know use me as a bridge to their goals
but i’ve learnt to care less and persist on this wet face gotten from this woes

poverty continues a pain feeling from the stains gotten from this chains placed on my soul to hold what is known as a heart full of woe
all things i know continually degenerating in order for this hope to be replacing all the woes i’ve been getting
from this pain and the stays that i say i’ll remain because of my ways as a cursor i’ll never stay in one place
fighting to control what i believe is known as i try to uphold the power of my soul
i pray that’ll remain golden as i continue to relate to all these words.
given by geese as we run
just on this run, no matter the race i’ll forever remain on this sh-t even if my hair colour is grey
i’ll try to stay as competing as this regenerating season continues to burn off me for no reason
i’ll pray to god to just give me this chance to chance all those with my stance
as i remain in this game cos my words wouldn’t go away knocking all of the way as i repeat in this game
i’ll never let anyone down, as far as i’ll be here together in this game till the end
th immortality’s mark remains on this fact
and ull always say that i’m


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