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gary valenciano – what more can i say lyrics


you asked me once sometime ago
the reason for my loving you
and wanting you more and more
you know that i still love you
but should i let things be
’cause saying that there’s someone new
is much too much for me

how long has this been going on?
how long has it been since he held you in his arms?
– now what are you trying to tell me
what made you feel this way
i’d rather you say it out to me
than hurt me this way

’cause i close my eyes
thinkin’ of ways to make you realize
how hard it is for me to see you go

what more can i say
you’re going away this time for real
now who is to blame
is it you, is it me
is it right for him to steal you
steal you away
you’ve always been my darling
you know i want you to stay

this time tomorrow you’ll be gone
it’s hard to believe we got to end
what’s hardly just begun

[repeat -]

tell me that this is not
what it seems to be
just hold me tight and say i’m dreaming
’cause i can’t believe you’re leavin’ me behind
don’t let the pain disguise the fire

i like to hold you and love you tonight
i like to feel you and make things right
you know i love you
i wanna feel you
i wanna touch you and make things right

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