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gather – dollar signs to the industry lyrics

you brought the myth that they’re put here for us now
see the h-ll that results from this treated so callously
as if machines objects, mere dollar signs to the
industry beaten on the head, stunned but not dead nose
bleeding, confused, so trusting chocking under your
foot, you hear it gasp for air life draining under your
weight, struggling, and you don’t even care i watched
you rip the skin right off of her body still alive, no
where to hide, she can’t express the f-cking pain inside
others are born into a cage, just to die by the blade
their short lives in between pure suffering no pain
killers are used while enduring body mutilations most
are neurotic due to lack of stimulation unable to turn
around or spread a wing, unable to breathe fresh air, and
they’ll never be free i watched you take her baby away,
product of her annual rape he’ll be tortued just like
her, until they’re both murdered no one to give them
comfort, no one to make them feel loved no happy ending
for them, no one mourns her when they’re gone we’ll
never get to know her personality just another number,
dead for your greed selfishness ignorance decides the
fate of the innocent

- gather lyrics

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