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gauntlet – a. iii. acheron (lv-426) lyrics


i’ve been dreaming for a long time far beyond the sun
floating in the deep blue sp-ce, cradled by the stars
but every night i wake up drowning in a soaking sweat
i have to face up to it ‘cause this nightmare never

riding the storm, rough air ahead
colony in sight, the complex looks dead
rain on my face

here inside it’s hot as h-ll
taste the tension, slice the air
we go down into the hive
oh…my god, they’re… still alive!

motion trackers off-scale, they’re coming out of the
registering moement all over the place, we have no
chance at all
exterminate those motherf-ckers! fire in the hole!
redy for the dust off ‘cause we’re falling one by one

don’t leave me alone, the wind screams outsid
stay wide awake, they come at night
to take us away

sold and betrayed once again
condemned for a f-cking percentage
on the screen approaching fast
i’m not wrong…they’re right on us!

fixing these weapons, straight to the nest
bursting those eggs i will take my revenge
holding my girl i’m face off with the quee
stay away from her…you b-tch!!

[lead (split in 4 sections) // dani / miguel / dani /

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