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gauntlet – winners race lyrics


ready, steady… go!!!

“come along, children!
have a good time with this race!
where the first prize is a shattered life!”

get rid of your innocence
and now you’re ready for success
your bl–dy parents will be proud
if you take part in this event

enjoy a golf game with your brand new friends
where no one cares if you can’t play
see a fashion rock show, be a rebel for a day
change your expensive suit for a rolling stones t-shirt

just walk the road they set for you
beware of getting lost
in the winners race
you are the number one
men’s envy, high-cl-ss wh-r-s
pats on the back and high-cl-ss drugs
you hold yourself in high esteem
but not so far is your fall

you have no time to lose
this is an offer you can’t refuse
if you crush each other,
you must have good values

p-ssing all the pr-cks at full speed
reflection of your personality
you don’t get along with anybody
it’s something that you can’t conceive
treading on the others to make it to the top in the

just walk the road they set for you…

your pretty girl is just for show
does she really start you up?
who cares?
she’s the perfect daughter-in-law

just walk the road they set for you…

can’t stand the loneliness
there’s n-body by your side
those little things you miss now
never again in your life

you wanna burn your land cruiser
you don’t give a sh-t ‘bout your loot
your artificial family
expected nothin’ but welfare from you

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