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genocide approach – yes i know zachary taylor was a great war hero and lyrics


all, but that doesn’t mean for a second he can c
his lips carry the scent of tongues tasting
razorblades. so depraved, driven to blow icicle kisses
into her inflamed purity as the sun dies. this is the
result of a heart-shaped obsession. a hope to beg for
sleep now, for he has stolen her mouth. a well-earned
reward for misguided love. these eyes leave no
impression. one has joined the never was. a wretched
goodbye impales. nothing that stays was ever gold.
these raindrops become her fingernails tearing out my
throat so that i may never speak another sound that
would cause her pain. a lonely branch pleadingly grasps
its last decaying leaves all in vain. grieving, it
casts them away. finding solace in the love given by a
corpse. the scratching under the mattress drives them
all insane. no, not again, no, not again. we dance to
the rhythm of a crashing ambulance. and our kiss runs
rampant in an iv syringe. offer him the dead again.
sacrifice the sacrificed. invoke the blackest evil.
spit on the angel’s halo. chew the flesh where her
wings once were.
to the one who forever sleeps,
i have stolen your eyes.
filled the abyss with petals and failed words

and lost myself inside
her scarlet resignation infests the air tonight like
the antagonist of this tale once did. he has gone on to
drain the world dry of all its glory by bringing soil
upon the last remaining light. his lips were made to
sever all purity. his tongue was formed to speak of
darkness unto sterile ears. his hands were crafted to
avenge the wrongs done to him. his soul exists to shift
blood to tears.
cast out the forsaken ones.
shower the land with the blood of those who weep.
soil and pillage beauty into coma.
rivers of human flesh run deep.
goodbye will forever be impaled on temporary shinings
of blood
it ends tonight with your blood on my hands.

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