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genocide approach – you had me at ‘i wish you were dead’ lyrics


sunday greets us sweetly and the bottle has run dry.
this is the last time that i will let you in.
chloroform graces the ever-popular photograph, br-mm-ng
with aspersions. but the lights have all burned out
tonight to honor your greatest achievement: stabbing me
so softly i mistake it for your perfect entrance. hang
yourself from my limbs; i would love to see you try to
face me. gaze through me on your way down. i can see
your madness painted on the reddened sky. with a simple
flick of the wrist, your promises were defiled. this
empty picture has been distorted by the rivers from my
eyes. i never want to hear your face again. another
lie. losing everything through your mistakes, but it’s
worth it. i adore you. changing faces taint our canvas
with somatic lies. i abhor you. brace yourself, for
when you threw away all of those things you said, i
died, but not in your arms as i had hoped to. face
yourself, how long will it take to speak of love again
to me, a thing i never knew before i loved you. my
beautiful virus. and i can’t see what i’ve done to
drive you to this desecration of our so-called p-ssion,
of our so-called love. so where are your plush seraphim
when you need them? and what’s the point of love if it
doesn’t last forever? the blood — is for — you. i am
giving up on this, but i can’t give up on you. the
blood is for you. light a candle for a kiss cast aside.
this train will go all night so i’ll go along for the
ride. now i get my wings in this darkness, oh, my
beautiful virus. and i will fly away from you, oh, my
beautiful virus. and i will cry these tears upon the
earth, oh, my beautiful virus. hoping we’ll meet
somewhere between death and you. your serrated words,
which carry no longer a message of love, tear into my
heart in the same way you did when we met. one last
whisper, left softly under your door: i love you and

- genocide approach lyrics

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