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gq – sugar ray lyrics

who’s that on the rise?
open your eyes
the guy known to many as joey mcfly
it’s a heinous crime the way that nino makes the heatrocks
i’ll start my sentence as soon as the beat drops

the public is alarmed now
the monster won’t calm down
no turning back so i can never stop now
flyer than a flock now
shut the f-cking block down
all the g’s shocked so they just sit and watch now
the same girls who dissed me are on the f-cking jock now
champagne music (hey!) where the f-ck is ron brows

but i ain’t here to celebrate
top of my cl-ss cause i’m fighting a bunch of featherweights
so i got a choice
move on to the heavyweights
or shed some weight
i want the belt n-gg- better get it straight
young sugar ray

but no you can’t box me in
you need me, i just took the form of oxygen
so bring the doctors in
these n-gg-s didn’t listen too busy being hard-headed
beyond levels

that you read on the meter
i ain’t even reach my peak yet, peep yet?
let my people read the contracts
i just want to see checks
who’s better? n-body! go and ask keith sweat

so so def… halfway in the casket bruh
i’m a problem no matter how you add it up
my mathematics got n-gg-s doing acrobatics
fresher than an action figure wrapped in plastic
there you have it

a legend in the making
i shouldn’t have to say it but these haters who are nameless
rather see me remain here
and possibly my honesty can save them
but on the other hand
i want to board ship and go back to the motherland
yes you can, believe in another man
but i’m the truth, mr. wright is my government
i bet you’re wondering
how he younger than his compet-tion and he sonning them?

more like step children to me
even if you hate what i’m saying you feeling this beat
so come on dude, hey who realer than me?
y’all shoot at the ground but i’m killing the streets man
how he still sleeping?

go back in time
around jackson 5
when mike had no dimes…. and he had to beat it
conceived as, advanced placement
student of the game, okay
flip it as a knockout
futuristic word to doc brown now i clock out

- gq lyrics

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