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guilty simpson – i’m the city lyrics


i used to dream about it
then i woke up when they got it
my warm hard ride
gotta get something for my pockets
and then d-mn m-th-f-ckers try to stop me
on pety board
stepping on my toes, will forever warm
but till it’s agreed, we settle score
for better all, better all, for best fam, best fam
i won’t accept less then,
the corner got me in press jam,
they wanna hold the ring like the best man,
but still on the keen of the best land,
over scene in it, roll and green overseas,
in the snowy season
you don’t believe go in sea, i’m in the front roll i’ll gone ..
far stress from the slums go.

my city is a gun show
so what the sh-t i do
beside the strap of two
and the wind with the birds i view like a falcon
no, more like malcom with the same outcome,
fake right now, we came out run,
so i’ma holding my ground till your soldiers get down,
but they better come correct ’cause i’m holding some rounds

i’m the city,
my heart beats more than the town
i’m the city,
i walk and walk with me,
i’m the city
talk talk talk with me
i’m the city
walk and walk with me
i’m the city
come and talk talk talk with me
i’m the city
talk talk talk and seat with me.

when i’m finally can’t serving rapper
i’ma punch em in his face to my hand breaks
boys job .. shatter
whatever comes first on strike no handshakes
don’t let the music confuse it, i’m rootless
the problem became the solution
but don’t act stupid, still wonder construction
i can still relax and get cruising
like that the new me then right that
he lives and come right back,
but right now get your white sn-tch,
mean to mean but the lobby that be nice back
your current level easily, i’m twice that
’cause i’m right real life,
raps colder than the nice pack,
start for rap till my nice crack,
no pity just come get me
i’m the city

seem to a guy but the dream to a night
i’m the real thing you you up beside
i used to run the pill mane f-ck em with the mob
in front of my building stucking in my trunk
’cause it’s drew too much attention, now the cause is getting rough
but with the attention the king pushing my fun
this check’s not check, so make your neck to .. your best,
and catch your last breath tryin’ to catch
catching up the guy quick with acquaintance,
then i’m getting no brighter ideas n-gg- ’cause we in d-mn
f-ck it d-mn with and pursue n-gg- for ‘ with
i gotta tell you sure with and my lungs the, get the flimp
and little do they know me on mission,
she might catch your body ain’t n-body exit
anybody can get it, you take something from me and lay a hand on me
you can’t hit, when i’m looking through the storm from a distance
home with the pistance, only n-gg- going to distance
why these n-gg-s p–sies and black .. hoes and some business
stand free,

i walk and walk with me
i’m the city
talk talk talk with me
i’m the city
walk and walk with me
i’m the city
come and talk talk talk with me
i’m the city
talk talk talk and seat with me.

then then then knocking p–sy out the city, the city
then knocking p–sies out the city
i’m the city, it’s the city, i’m the city, it’s the city
the city, the city, the city
i’m the city.

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