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guitars n bandanaz – wide awake lyrics


i never thought i’d feel this way
i’m wide awake i’m dreaming
bittersweet this taste of sound
the glare of glory i fear
oh beautiful you once were now
you hide behind my secrets oh
s.o.s. i’m going down
drowning in a bath so cold
someone take me ‘way from here
oh please let me go

i’m married to the game but lost the wedding ring
she stole my innocence it’s not a thing badda bing
and even though the picture’s in my eyes it’s harder to verbalize
at times i wish that i can sing

i never thought i’d feel this way
i’m wide awake i’m dreaming
deep inside i once knew pain
i seen you crying
faded picture in my wallet, see no faces
missing pieces to this game
i pray somebody stop it
i’m holdin’ back from you today
oh please let me go

i once had a notion that i would win awards
slammin’ doors on cars, black bandanaz on guitars
i was somethin’ like a sniper but was shootin’ for a star
the const-tuents of life keep you from moving very far

running to your affliction i am running away from tears of mine (mind)
i’ll sing myself asleep this time to what’s playing on my radio
to your song i lay my head on my pillow
brilliant color fades to grey, somehow my heart is not red
in silent words i hear you say… please let me go

heard the cries and the screams
it was more than a dream
seems reality has left
saw the faces as they wept

wide awake, saw the faces as the wept (repeats)

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