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hallows eve – monkey’s paw lyrics


mine is the mind of in and out
is it an answer known or in doubt
the question rises inside you
door of madness, what’s the view

between the dreams of real and not
this mind of mine has quite forgot
two sides to take, real or insane
a leaping about within my brain

light me up, i become a clown
a painted face from smile to crown
dark the light, the paint erase
unknown evils encase my face
to the edge, try to peer down
you could find there is no ground
you could find there is a frame
may you stay and play my game

try the kn-b, there is no lock
to another side, another shock
cross the frame, see my hinge
the loose one there, please me cringe

line of perfection, on a chart
but imperfection is the art
only if there is a mistake
in a human, a choice can make

a light, a dark unknown to you
mind and soul open anew
as your soul pecks through the door
mine will monkey forevermore

mine is the door between this two
a light, a dark unknown to you
you may try to cross the line
but only in a mind as mine