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hamell on trial – froggy #2 lyrics


whoa! you’re all riled up
you gotta chill
what’s froggy up to?

[verse 1]
froggy took the subway to the city
froggy went right to the candy store
there’s a girl that works there, she’s so pretty
that’s the gal that froggy does adore
froggy is in love
froggy is in love

[verse 2]
she likes froggy too, they [?] dated
bought a candy store to call their own
they got married, there’s no hesitating
lots of kids are jumping ’round the home
froggy is in love
(ooh, frog-froggy)
froggy has a home
(ooh, frog-froggy)
froggy has a wife
(ooh, frog-froggy)
and kids, a business of value

look at froggy go!