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hammy – grey skies lyrics


i don’t know where i’m going
i feel lost and i feel stupid
i’m just wandering through life
no direction i’m so clueless
i just wanna be like water
be fluid with my problems
but i can’t
and i can’t
ever find a way to stop them
so i wake up every morning with no purpose
i feel worthless
going back to bed until the lights under the surface
take a tab
i’m dreaming now
i’m flying through a galaxy
all i have are memories
and all the stars surrounding me
i don’t wanna feel this pain without you
i only feel okay when i’m around you
grey skies see em through my window
your eyes see em and i can’t move

i don’t know where i’m at
losing touch with what i make
i’m the god upon your ceiling & the devil from your wake
cycling between reality & living something fake
please forgive me for what i have done or is it just too late?
watch the moon rise quickly, the stars are crying help
bleed me out under the sun & watch my demons start to yelp
thought that i was making progress & exiting my sh-ll
but i’m stationary sitting in this detrimental h-ll
i don’t know why i’m lost, but i’m lookin’ for a way
mixing hennessy with cyanide in search for brighter days
oh my god just please don’t talk to me and let me rot away
emptiness is what i’m feeling and this feeling never fades
waking up beside your body has never felt this great
no one cares unless you’re dying so i’ll die another day
writing poetry with purpose i’m so sorry that i’m late
i’ve been fixing all my problems cause my problems choose my fate