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hanalei – action drum lyrics


concrete veins and fast fiid chains
stretch out on purgatory’s plains they are ruins still in tact
they are apathetic shrines
they are soul sucking traps

under the weight of information machines and fabrications
we are crippled in mutation
we are bound to desperation

billboards hang about gentrified graves
as funeral hymns float from the radio waves
down on the street sleep walking in the night
prisoners wither under neon lights

the patrons of starvation
fall into formation
collapsing in stagnation
seeking synthesized salvation

trembling in the venom air
with atoms spilitting in our ears
the hollow kings ex[ected horses hoofs
and now the silence sounds like h-ll
(fractured frames cannot confine us)
(empty names cannot define us)

sky stabbing witching spires
tangle their prey in communication wires
in the modern zoo denying their wills
on the brink of extinction buried in their bills

a catostrophics congregation
built on failed foundations
obsessed with domination
destined for disintergration

looking on from this awkward view
i feel helplessly sick and idealisticalyl construed
writing manifestos in invisible ink
torn and formed on the missing link

the drums of liberation
will rise in orchestration
and the fuel of transformation
will ignite from devastation