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hank williams jr – always loving you lyrics


the evening is lonesome babe,
and the dead of night is cruel.
and i recall all the things we done.
ya know i’m always loving you.

sometimes i think that my trains done gone.
the way all old things must do.
yet i still wait for it’s return,
just like i still wait for you.

and i still hear that old whipperwill.
i’ve seen the ghost of the midnight train.
and i still love to walk alone,
down by the old union station in the rain.

now i don’t know where you are tonight,
but i feel you across the miles.
am i still standing there inside your mind,
just behind a pretty smile.

hey babe, can ya hear that old whipperwill?
have ya seen the ghost on the midnight train?
do you still love to go alone,
down by the old union station in the rain?
down by the old montgomery station in the rain.