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happy head – happyhead theme no.2 lyrics


i’m kylie brush
got a happy head
it goes together
with my happy heart babe
said a happy head
goes together with my happy heart
when i hear you name
and i feel the flame
of our lovelight as it begins to burn
and we teach each other
a good love lesson
that we’re always oh so glad to learn
in our happy heads
going together
with out happy hearts
said my happy head
goin’ together with my happy heart
from the tip of my toes to the top
of my spine
all over my body
and in and out of my mind
you fill me up with thoughts of love
and loving you is all i’m thinking of
in my happy head
so good to have you
in my happy head all the time
loving you yeah loving you baby
said i’m guilty of a crime
time after time after time
…how important can you get?