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hard to be human being – attraction lyrics


never gonna live like an angel
imma die dying like a devil
pedal to the metal
till this vessel is in peril
life is so ephemeral
memorable happiness so perennial
i’m f-cked up teen with a dead end soul
tightly tucked blunt lit
rip my novo
for it’s a no go
for this whole world

as well as the h-ll that i once called my home
i no longer know my place although
simply being human being is hard to be
lost my soul long ago
get f-cked up till i’m gone
i don’t wanna feel no more
self loathe
up the dose
this the most
i feel before
ever since her touch
of love
ever since the touch of love

crack of dawn deep inside the night
parasite of mine alive
can’t excite my own mind
nothing seems to satisfy
my pair of sight stares into the light
burning the retinas of my own eyes
my eyes

from chemical reactions
putrefaction from attraction
nameless name
with the love that sedates
a face that devastates innate inner hate with it’s
and it’s