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hard to be human being – i don’t wanna see daylight lyrics


with every breath
i pray for death
rip me apart
till there’s nothing left

lifeless carc-ss
with a name we forget
let’s see who has a smile at the f-cking end

never been a friend
of no f-cking trends
and if i don’t comprehend
then i won’t condescend

life torments
the concept was dreamt
i only sleep better in the f-cking coffin

we die

answer me this
is this all
just meaningless
or do we have a reason to exist
in the midst of this shift
called our reality
i don’t wanna be

f-ck humanity

built to drain of vitality
anti-climactic how peeps don’t keep up with the words they speak
talk is so cheap
practice what you preach
when judgement day comes
run but son
don’t act so naive

i don’t wanna feel a single thing
put me underneath
the ground