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hard to be human being – jester lyrics


life and death
is acceptance and regret
pop in a c-ssette
tape of my moments
in which i cherish
to the gl-ss heart in me
so uncertain withdraw the curtain
wondering when i’ll be free
of this disease
that’s inside of me
but it’s in my genes
so maybe if i leak
it will leave me be

never safe nor sound
alone with a fate of demons dragging me down
as soon as i’ve been found
corrupted soul
prince of darkness crown
partly heartless clown
to these chains i’ve been bound
crusade brings another casualty
inside of me
another man down
self harm afflictions
mental illness

i’m in this position
where happiness is such a distance
throw myself farther back by reminiscing
i’m missing these memories
where i felt like i was living
shedding skin
pulling teeth
pleasure pain
seems to bring
black dead roses in a bouquet
color fades away
black peddles all shedding
i’ll settle for the easy way
i don’t wanna feel a single thing
catch me smiling on my grayer days

let’s just flip the page move onto the next chapter
i’m a tragic mishap of a disaster
i find myself to be scattered like a mirror i’ve shattered
i’d rather not gather myself back together because either way
i’d find myself mangled and severed
tangled in a knot
to a scene i’ve treasured
things i remember
moments that lasted an eternity entirely for the time being