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hardline – dr. love lyrics


in the middle of a deep dark night
your body’s soaked in sweat
well outside it’s cold as ice
but you’re burning up the bed

you’ve got a nasty little fever and it’s climbing up high
nothing you can do to stop the aching inside
i can relieve you, you know that i could
you’ve got it bad, baby i’ll make it good

hang on to dr. love
i’ve got what you need
baby just call me
hang on to dr. love
my love will set you free
(just for one night gonna make it alright)

your pretty head in spinning ’round
your heart beats out of time
i’m gonna wear your body down
with what’s been on your mind

you’ve got a dirty little secret and it’s k!lling you slow
nothing you can do to cool the fire down below
i can relieve you with a touch of my hands
i’ll feed the fever, baby i am your man


time is the healer so they say
don’t you believe you can wait
you need me right away
the night is dark, as dark as shame
but i will heal you, treat your pain
until you call my name