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harem scarem – die off hard lyrics


remember the lost summer nights
we never found a warmer breeze
if we’re lost in time
i’m stayin’ here and never gonna leave

i remember the look in your eyes
is it something that i’ll never see again
we’re gonna make it right
‘cos i’m not searching till the bitter end

it’s been a long time coming
i’m tired of failing you
it’s been a long time coming
it’s time to face the truth
they’re old habits that
die off hard

invading our love
it keeps growing stronger
die off hard
now pain won’t let go
it keeps growing stronger in us

through the years i find
nothing’s straight it’s just another haze
so unless we try to fight a dawning
of a graceless age
we’ll encomp-ss a life destined to the cold beliefs we had
we’re gonna make it right
i won’t live a life i never wanted to lead