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harp and lyre – judas visits temptation island lyrics


all for the kingdom!

yeah, they really had their cheap shots
and i bite my tongue just to survive
poke-and-make-fun while you still can
this face won’t be easy to forget
in the potters field the corps still swings

thank you, for beating me in the contest against myself
isn’t it obvious who the loser is?
who the loser is
who the loser is
who the loser is

i’ll call you, when i’m done being number one

dare i say brilliant, yet i live so pitifully
i was given my share now it’s gone
this estate was divided
famine, (famine), famine

i’ve ate with the best
now i’m fed with the pigs
the purest of kin have the most selfish intentions
jealousy, jealousy

this face won’t be easy to forget

thanks a lot for the tour guide
now i know my way out
from here it seems like forever
until we get home

thirty silver coins for eternity