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harry nilsson – the pointed man (narration) lyrics


finally the two travellers reached what appeared to be the entrance to the pointless forest. there was a huge th-rny barrier with a small sign at its base which read ‘this way’. once on the other side of the barrier, oblio and arrow had their first encounter with the pointless man or the pointed man depending upon your point of view. you see the pointlees man did have a point. he had hundreds of them all pointing in different directions. but as he so quickly pointed out “a point in every direction is the same as no point at all” and speaking of points, i don’t know if you’ve been to a pointless forest but a forest is a forest and one of the first things that oblio and arrow noticed about the pointless forest was that all the leaves on all the trees had points and all the trees had points. infact even the branches of all the trees pointed in different directions which seemed a little strange for a pointless forest
when the pointed man disappeared, oblio and arrow were left standing alone wondering what to do next when suddenly they were aware of a strange sound coming in from the north and when they looked up there was a giant swarm of bees heading straight for them. so to seek cover they jumped inside a hollow log but when the bees attacked the log was jarred loose and it tumbled down a steep hill and careened and crashed into the base of an unusual rock pile. infact the rock man and the rock man said “say what’s happenin’ wit’ you boys you look like you pretty shook up. you been goofin’ wit’ da beeeeez?” and oblio told the rock man that he got banished and asked him wether or not this was the pointless forest. the rock man said “say babe this is nuthin’ pointless about this game. the thing is you see what you wanna see and you hear what you wanna hear. you dig? did you ever see paris?”
“did you ever see new delhi?”
“well that’s it. you see what you want to see and you hear what you want to hear.”
and with that the rock man fell soundly asleep leaving oblio and arrow once again all alone. so they continued on into the pointless forest til suddenly arrow, who had been running a few yards ahead of oblio, disappeared into a hole. the point of no return