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harry nilsson – u.c.l.a. lyrics


there’s no new hampshire’s left
i’ll bet the boardwalk’s next
there’s no new york
there’s no more cork
to set the bottle west, yeah
there’s no more rodeo
there’s no place else to go
there’s no one left to lie to
but my car

there is no place like penny lane
there’s no more yesterday
but something in the way you move me
keeps me moving on from day to day

there’s no more oyster bar
there’s no more ringo starr
there’s no one left to love but you and me

there’s no more mr. wrong
there’s no more mystery
and nothing left that’s less than you from me

there’s nothing left to fight
there’s only black and white
when you’re west of me
and you’re west of me
u. c. l. a