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hatchet – lethal injustice lyrics


accused of a crime
unproven lies
the wrong place and wrong time
crimes of disgust
of blood and l-st
a k!ller still roams free
a windowless cell
caged in fear
accused with no just
living in wait
the jury is here
to decide your eternal fate

eternal fate
appeal the state
the needle of death you await

you await

justice system
true system of justice
trial of your peers
a prosecution
scheming to win
media spreads their lies
prejudiced minds
with reason to doubt
guilty in their eyes
the jury is out
a final debate
your death or your life

concrete walls are closing in
pacing in your cell
the seconds they tick by
time standing still
closing in

eternal sentence
defendant shall rise
stand and face your doom
a guilty conviction
the m-sses cheer
fooled by the lies
led to the cell
cuffed and blind
tied to the chair
the priest awaits
your last rites
they inject your death

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