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hateform – as god as lyrics


these are times of failure
cursed human being, suffer

salvation they offer
a place to rest when you are dead
crushed down to the ground
now you must kneel and beg
a peace is given to only the ones who fear
i’ll never be one of them!

gone are the times when everyone could trust
a man stands behind his words
beware of becoming a piece of that human sc-m
or your time has come!

i am as god as
their lord the hatred
bursting from these veins
tearing down false prophets

forgers of thoughts
worst kind of the human kind are strong
sucking life from the weak ones who do as they told
got strong, stayed still, soon their end is here
dark m-ss, rise up again!

manipulate the mind and the weak flesh
gather people around you
force them down, face down, to the ground
now you can have your way with them

behind the veil of lies
hear the sounds from the darkness
now to the sown shut eyes
the truth is being revealed

hate grows on, the chalice is now fulfilled
your flesh is soon to be mine
i’ll reap your soul the way you have done before
for a thousand times

i am as god as
your lord the hatred
bursting through these hands
objects of judgement