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hateful decay – afraid lyrics


feels like i’m out of time

and there it goes
time feels so slow
i’ve lost so much
so out of touch

i’ve slipped away
in days of gray
colors astray
so out of place

dreamer am i
under soft skies
afraid of goodbyes
i will not cry

the ent-ty has bleed through
with my colors he comes through
don’t want say these goodbyes
those colors they were still mine

those colors are my disease
infected i was so pleased
i did not need to cured
i was already so pure

and now that he’s taken hold
i’ve lost my colors and soul
feels like my final goodbye
i wasn’t ready to die

all of my life
hunted at night
inside my dreams
he came for me

the ent-ty
has won my soul
my colors gone
i can’t go on

and now my ghosts
hold me so close
i close my eyes
the dreamer dies

and now i can fade away
everything will be okay
my ghosts are guiding the way
and i am finally okay

i won’t wake up from this dream
will she find me in this dream?
the only love that i know
i don’t think that i can go

dreamer me just won’t die
i will not give up this fight
this is not how it will end
i need my colors again

come out, come out and face me
you won’t, you won’t break me
colored, colors for me
you won’t, won’t cure me

dreamer, dreamer it’s alright
i’ve manifested in the light
the cycle ends with you tonight
your colors they have said goodbye

i will purge you from this life
i will take back what is mine
i will wake up from this dream
and i will find my way home

don’t think that you can stop me
you will not ever stop me
with my colors can’t stop me
i will wake up ent-ty

you manifested in flesh
with colored blood and my bones
i will not submit control
and this is the dreamers soul

i don’t fear the ent-ty
i don’t fear the ent-ty
you will not take this from me
i am the destroyer now