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hateful decay – soul searcher lyrics


i ran away into the stars
far from home i didn’t get far
i tried to hide from what haunts my dreams
this creature has been hunting me
on lonely nights he isn’t far
inside my dreams i’ve kept him there
but now it seems he wants to come through
from his dimension he’ll bleed through

before i could find my place among the stars
he took me into this other place
a world to which i can’t escape
born in this, my dreams, my blood
fuels his heart my colored love
this dream dimension will end my life

my dying days have set him free
always he has haunted me
all my fears they have come true
the sp-ceman drifts a restless slumber
inside this haze the dreamer tumbles
above the clouds up in the sky
my colored blood keeps me alive
i have to hide them deep inside

and if i drift too far inside this dream
i know that she will rescue me
my only anchor will guide my home
my colored blood, my hues, my bones
keep me safe from this ent-ty