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hawk nelson – long ago lyrics


“long ago”

can we get back to the basics?
back where we came from?
when we didn’t have no worries
we were basking in the sun
sometimes the least of my problems feel like the biggest ones
when you said that you were leaving, felt like we had just begun
it would be so easy
oh, if it was that easy
i can’t sleep tonight
so tell me one more time
when i dream, it will be you that’s on my mind
it’s my heart you hold, so never let it go
i still love you like i loved you long ago
saw you out on the freeway, and later at the show
it could be my imagination, but i know i’m not alone
all the lights in the city are burning out with time
but there’s a light that hangs above, and it’s keeping us in line
all this time that’s running by won’t stop until we stand still
’cause we are incomplete until we finally breathe
let’s take a look at the future
see where we left off
i’m so grateful that i found you
cause, without you, i am lost