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headstones – hindsight lyrics


she said she’d give me some kinda sign
i guess she did i’m happy she’s still alive
mother said respect that decision
i guess i do i don’t well i’m still here and i’m still itching

they lined him up then they lined him up just to see him
i just don’t see the point he ain’t here and he ain’t breathing
can’t stand up well h-ll you know i could
they lost it all but to me what good is

hindsight it’s still stinging

if you say you will how can i know you won’t
i just can’t wait around till everything i know
is gone – let em up get myself out of storage
that fires burning blood blue but singing orange

clocking time slim chance is all you need
in living dying trying to find a life with guarantees
to know what it’s like to stand up and walk away
to know what it’s like to see someone else lose everything