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heavy d – love in a bottle lyrics


love in a bottle

my heart is broken, yeah
if she doesn’t love me, then who’s gonna care?
my heart is empty, hollow
so i find love in, a bottle
i found, looooove in a bottle-ohh

[heavy d]
they say i drink too much
and i’m like, “forget y’all, i think you think too much”
’cause you don’t know the things that i’m goin thru
and the things i’m goin thru, you don’t know who i’m goin thru it with
huh, on the stoop sippin ciroc
flip-flops and bathrobes got me lookin like an -sshole
i’m so lonely, where my homie?
once i’da call her, now she act like she don’t know me
oh, my, g-o-d
steady frontin like she ain’t lovin the h-e-v
she got me buggin at night, huggin the bottle tight
she got me goin crazy, now where my baby?


[heavy d]
huh, you d-mn right i’m drunk
and you would be too if you was down in my slump
i tried to give my baby everything that she want
but apparently, what she really wanted wasn’t me
she wanted, bugatti not godbody, she party party
hangin with sniffers and sippers, strippers in gl-ss slippers
who shake it for day trippers and big tippers
big figures, big schemers, dream stealers, dream killers
uh, i watch my baby succ-mb to pressures
at one point in time, she was oh so precious
when good girls go bad, man they gone forever
gotta go so wrong, d-mn i hate this song!


[bridge: repeat 2x]
bartender, gimme one drink
i just wanna dance, i don’t wanna think
bartender, gimme one more
i don’t wanna feel this pain no more