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heavy d – the overweight lover’s in the house lyrics


“the overweight lover’s in the house”

[heavy d]
sittin in my room with my smokin jacket on
the fireplace is burning and the girlie is warm
time to make my move, so gently i kiss her
whisper in her ear, and tell her that i miss her
she might try to pop that boyfriend junk
but i don’t really care because i know he’s a punk
i’ll stomp him like a roach if he tries to approach
he can’t get close cause i’m the one who wrote
the book of romance, so come on take a chance
you don’t need a long look, all you need is a glance
if you wanna get warm, in my arms you belong
you have a problem, hev’ll solve ’em, nothin can go wrong – when
the overweight lover’s in the house! [4x]

[heavy d]
you said i couldn’t do it, then it got done
and after you and i did it, you said it was fun!
now every day of your life you wanna be with me
when you got time to spend you spend time with heavy d
i notice that you hold me gentle as a rose
i’m rough and tough baby, but then i suppose
that i had to be held in order to start holdin
i think i got you hittin, so let’s start rollin!
the overweight lover’s in the house! [8x]

[scratched interlude of james brown samples]

[heavy d]
heaven sent on our trip, champagne we sip
you look at me i look at you, then we touch lips
we roll around in the sand, later on hold hands
walk by the beach and i can teach ya heavy d’s game plan
see the way that i am, is the big loverman
check out the rhyme and in due time you’ll be a hev d fan
i’m swift you know, an overweight romeo
come get a piece of the beast, because it’s good to go
emcee heavy d all ladies i’m hookin
big extra love but still good lookin
for you and i to swing on our romance free
all you gotta do is lean on me, because
the overweight lover’s in the house! [2x]

i’m an overweight lover, entertainer of many
now when i do a party now i may not do plenty
girls out the crowd seem to go berserk
they start yellin and screamin “heavy d go to work”
and when i’m through rockin and chillin at the disco
they grab me up and scoop me up, they just won’t let go
that’s when i know that there’s been too much charmin
i put ’em in a line and say “please don’t squeeze the charmin”
the overweight lover’s in the house! [8x to fade]



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