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helevorn – aurora lyrics


every night i sleep in a lonely hole,
my head encapsulates thoughts of lead
every night i wait for someone else,

to remember me and collect my dust-ridden remains

eighty-one years to wake up
tell my children, i’ll write to them tonight
hold my hand, i’ll no longer lay down
everywhere my thoughts are sprouting life

i need to see him
the one who’ll bring me to the path of light

every day i try to keep away the vultures flying over my head
every day i yell from this hole that you dug last night for me

i died for something
could it be that i died for nothing at all?
i never hurt anyone,
yet you kicked in my door and invited me to a shallow grave

if i could have it my way
if i had never died
i would spread the peace i held inside

eighty-one years to wake up
can you hear me begging for my life?
raise me up, you won’t keep me down
my presence is living in your mind

hold my hand, i cannot stay in the ground
spitting dirt, standing up, i will change what you know
let me breath, give me air
not here nor there, but underneath

let me breath, let me up
rising from down below

anyone who wants to stand up
must be willing to be laid down
everyone chooses his stone
every man his th-rny crown
i will stand up, aurora, i will stand up