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hell – let battle commence lyrics


verse 1

h-llo! good evening! welcome to the show! here’s some information that we think you should know we are intent on inciting you – bent on exciting you let the battle commence it’s a full-scale attack, there is no holding back over the top we go – charge!


fire rages in this domain, still we stand our ground, defiant we remain using every single trick to hold you in our spell i bid you welcome to h-ll

verse 2

we are the hunters – our task is to hunt you but we shall taunt you before we confront you we tantalise and tease, but our aim is to please this quest we must achieve by hook or by crook we shall force you to pay then the prey will pray

repeat chorus

verse 3

primaeval m-s-ch-sts gathered in hordes pleading for mercy – then begging for more like a primitive rite – in the black of the night pagans, one and all your heart starts to pound as your feet stamp the ground literally shaking the floor

verse 4

i defy the very devil to dare to cross my path if he did, iswear to you – he would suffer from my wrath the sharp end of my tongue is more lethal than the sword my magic incantions would crash him to the floor we give you our all – it’s a question of pride we bare our emotions, we have nothing to hide

repeat chorus

i bid you welcome i bid you welcome i bid you welcome to h-ll