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hell – the oppressors lyrics


verse 1

i loose my tongue and tell all who will listen and beg of my friends to -ssume my position pretending belief, they try to explain but clearly they really believe i’m insane

verse 2

despite the intensity of all that i have seen my rigid conviction – it was not a dream they sow seeds of uncertainty deep in my mind they plant doubt and questions, attempting to blind me


my trembling arm is taken by a stranger’s outstretched hand his grip is firm, his voice is stern, and i succ-mb to his demands confused (and not a little scared), i am taken to a room where but one single candle flame relieves the heavy gloom there do i retell my tale, not once, but many times at last, believed, i am relieved, contentment now is mine

verse 3

all at once their sympathy averts to ridicule they scorn me as they would a clown, a jester, or a fool “we believe you my friend”, my captor wryly says those things you saw were real enough – but only in your head

verse 4

so am i insane? now i’m not so sure fear surrounds me as i walk out the door trapped in this labyrinth of doubt and confusion denial of all is my only solution