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hellhound johnny – sidestep lyrics


i could say a lot of things to your face
but leave you mortified if you coincide my place
suicidal with grace, suicidal with fate
if you see me face to face don’t try to keep up with the pace

its okay to sidestep
didn’t see this on the test
pickin only e’s cus you plannin out your weekend
b-tch i know your needs and the funs up next
see you in a week
know you came for the best

only got a couple numbers ready on the sideline
only know a couple thotties heavy for the fine time
i don’t sit around sip no f-ckin fine wine
red the only colour in my blood when the hound wine
pullin out some staples like you never seen it
staples center in the evening a thousand people
b-tches feedin off the evil thats deceiptful
they spruking all that sh-t, hangin round with equal people

i don’t hang around with those that dramatise
everything that happens in they f-ckin mundane lives
talkin real heavy
see a couple numbers on you, better get steady
pull the whole focus to the rover, see if they ready
so explosive, when i focus
i run around touchin shoulders with my olders
one of them angelic but the other one a poet
no raven at my chamber only demons can’t control it
yeah you better know it
little fine piece cadillac chillin back
size 8 seats for my f-ckin fat -ss
thotties pullin up they all smokin on the gas
my right foot ready if its time to go back