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hellsaw – a suicide journey lyrics


mysterious is the suicide
souls free of revenge
tortured and begging for mercy
united in infinity

moments in fear, the scream for hope
a lightning storm, in the grater of despair
screams for attention, unheard in eternity
cursing, hating, i await the fall

i deny your condemnation, i curse your sight
banned thou art from my suicide

imprisoned by demons, embrace by death
a never-ending journey

pitch, death and sulphur
barren is the ground of h-ll

screams coming down from the red mountains,
in a paradise of wrath

begging pleading for mercy
my revenge for the avengers

sensing freedom, against all morality
bow to me – for me – mercy will not be granted to you
desperation is felt by every b-st-rd
in eternity, i will come back again

led by strength,
following the mystic path
in my paradise
into your misery

i deny your condemnation, i course your sight,
banned thou art from my suicide