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henri b. styles – weak lyrics


and god told me that
i can′t be petty in heaven so
i’ve been getting my life together
i′ve been working on my attitude
and he was like sarah and i was like yeah
and he was like here’s the thing
this is why you can’t be upset with eve
cause your not much better than she is
it was rude

i′m still weak
i still weep, f+ck
all that bullsh+t, yea
talk is cheap
energy flows while
our emotions leak
don′t let that sh+t linger
don’t let that sh+t peak
unfortunately i constantly
complicate thе simplicity of
life, never fully capablе of retaining affection
push it away because apart of me
still fiends for imperfection
i tell myself one thing but my heart
is broken into sections
fragments, fractions, divided by
emotions and actions
i stretch the truth often
i don′t lie, i let my actions do the talking
there’s an error in my logic
pain within my process
detachment tends to find me walking
far away what i care about
air it out, lost all my connections
that i once cared about, hear me out
fl+stered courage, proxy strength
fraudulent confidence
some mistakes are constantly mocking me
falling free formless through rough patches
and challenge trees
i never really felt as if yall really needed me
you never really needed me
i′m still weak and not as strong
as i need to be