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henry lin – vice city dreams lyrics


yo sato, throw it back to me like it was ’83
say “hello” like tony montana on the screens
shout-outs to hiroshi
not sure how long i’ll be
high-cut bikinis, the babes the baddest i ever seen
permed blonde gave me her digits be calling from my brick
spitting that game, girl, as she was like nes
balling out like was magic or bird, my mixtape in their walkmans
freshest shit they ever heard
a lyricist spitting on new wave synths
a jazzy riff finessing on a saxophone experimenting
like hip-hop’s edison
this asian kid just trying to ‘make it big’
can’t be replicated they’d never want to dance again
wishing that i could rewind back to those simpler times like i was marty mcfly
when soft pink pastels were what the world was coloured with like vice city
but in an esprit instead of delorean