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henry taylor – own worst enemy lyrics


the only enemy ill ever need is the inner me
so any enemy entering my vicinity
better be weary whenever they’re visiting
ill be severing sending you to the cemetery
cut ties like scissoring, cause all the pain i’m riddled with
want to get rid of me i’m to busy riddle-ing
spitting to the rhythm in which these words are written in
not even mentioning, that i will never settle when
performing, i’m warning that i’m transforming
to something more than when i’m brainstorming
twisting contorting remixing reforming
now i’m feeling reborn, when i k!ll em like abortion
the metamorphosis of this mental torture is
knocking doors off their hinge and then forcing in
fighting the boredom not conforming for slaughtering
sacrifice on alter as im maximising other things
like superman saving citizens
110 percent the minimum i can be giving it
intensity not lessening your meant to be listening
the quicker i’m spitting then the more i can be fitting in
may take me a little min to come up with some more of them
but right now i’m summoning something coming from within
all the underlings wondering whats thundering
storming towards them, morphing till tyrannosaurus
and the sound of organs
in the morning you’re in mourning
i’m an artist being tortured
by the drawing of his portrait
use this music like a drawing
i’m exploring my thoughts in
bout this planet in orbit
and plans that’s can’t be thwarted
i so d-mn exhausted
getting life sorted, sort of
and nauseous living cautious
what im sayings not important
hope someones applauding all these rhymes i’ve thought off
if not, im sprayin shots, like ive got sawn off
the tempo keeps testing me
attempting these sentences
but doubt started setting in
about what i meant to mean
n0body can compete with me
well at least mentally
as i fill the beat
showing sk!lls as complete as these
basically i’m saying i’m the best that they’ll ever be
found my ident-ty, so theres no offending me
i know what i’m meant to be, negativity ain’t affecting me
can’t you see i’m the epitome of everything you’ve ever seen
so now i’m ascending like my minds transcending
and thats not the ending, blast off as i’m venting
so hot never trending, mask off no pretending
as i’m calculating, like differentiation
every move i’m making
and all the chances taken
to the top i’m elevating
stop when i’m levitating
i doubt i will ever make it but thats not about my greatness
but belief i need to achieve and succeed
nothing devastating as my self hatred, face it
amazing all the statements that came from former friendships
demonstrating fake sh-t
all of which i’ve dealt with
bulling the bullies cause they’re nothing now they’re not a kid
end of story there’s no glory now look what he did
_smiting down with fury as the beat i murdered it
i might not be original but not sending subliminals
why rappers getting biblical
we all know god is fictional
buddhist hindu muslim hebrew or christian
i say f-ck your religion
a human illusion, used for abusing
un-told con-trol, by fear of retribution
think it’s about ethnicity
then you’re not really listening
i’m just dissing anybody who still believes in kids stories
cause i’m tired of waiting
to get on the same pages
fairy tales ending
so i’m educating
immigrants, residents
prime ministers and presidents
and whomever they represent
they can all suck my d-ck!
hope you get the sentiment
cause hezza t isn’t hesitant
i think that is evident
with everything i have just said
bit of a hypocrite
god don’t exist but if he does then i am him
this my world, i’m making it, then taking it
as i’m ending this by becoming sentient
you getting it?