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hevein – gentle anarchy lyrics


f-ck what big government says should be
f-ck media fear mongering
f-ck propaganda and thought control
thoughts none but my own
who do i trust? well, you tell me
in this rat race of insanity
born to consume
playing a role
stuck in a lifelong swan song
now it is time
to kiss your -ss goodbye
if they won’t let the sheep be free
kill the shepherd for victory

three cheers for anarchy, anarchy!

hope and gentle anarchy
are things that keep me free
free from b-n-lity
disposable mediocrity and the drug tv
information censor free
just do it
do it eternally
you’re right to question authority

don’t be gentle with me
three cheers for anarchy, anarchy!
if you can count to three,
you’ll love this anarchy , anarchy
put your hand on your heart
scream after me
gentle anarchy!

[cello solo]

now i know how i ended up here,
i took their piece of sh-t for real
now, i don’t, care, about ¤”#¤
your time has expired

slaughter tyranny with gentle anarchy
gentle anarchy!