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hicartel – middle east lyrics


imma travel to the middle east with my m4
duckin’ dodgin’ bullets in the middle of a war
end up switchin teams 141 to opfor
pull up in a tactical from an old ford

762 make ya brains split
spittin lead from my ak you know it’s dangerous
i’m not one to fight so i won’t say sh+t
but if you try to press me your death won’t be painless

torture methods i got em on hand
we got wire we got fire we got acid
burned your throat out knew you couldn’t last it

sending 40 choppers to the f+cking middle east
swat team out the window yuh they f+cking after me

why’s he f+cking hiding when i’m standing outside of his door
send a f+cking rocket from iran that i stole from the war
got a glock 15 i keep it inside of my drawer
knocked him out so f+cking hard he start to f+cking snore

shut the f+ck up baby what the f+ck you talking bout
tweaking off xanz i forgot i broke into my neighbors house
he needa learn his lesson when he doesn’t shut his f+cking mouth
he needa learn his lesson when he doesn’t shut his f+cking mouth
i’m feeling funny
imma throw a bomb inside of a crowd
running from the feds
love to see their bodies hit the ground
low+key as osama
doing cocaine in the compound
talking bout my name online you jus a f+ggot hating clown



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