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highway 3 inc. – california kid lyrics


[verse 1]
yo, i left my home at the age of 18
california kid with a california dream
only took a couple years, out on my own
’till i realized everything just ain’t what it seems, yo
come down from the mountain and you breathe easy
pull yourself out the water you don’t float easy
catch a bug from your brotha’ you’re on bed rest
but the hustle doesn’t quit when you regress

[verse 2]
yeah we’re fighting for justice in an unjust world
love is so much more than a boy and a girl
and pain is so much greater when you can’t afford a cure
how do you fight ignorance when we’re all so sure, yeah
and it’s the music that gets me through the day to day
universal lack of answers make me feel okay
i’ve got a sickness, recommend me therapy
and i’m a walking drug and you overdosed on me, baby
(yeah, i’m sorry about that)

[verse 3]
yo, check it out, it’s highway 3
i’ll play it for you if you play it for me
studio recording with the crew
gogan, harper, and grace, it’s true
and a band’s gotta do what a band’s gotta do
and we’ll keep on jammin’ till’ we’re black and blue
yo spark up a j, get far from the anger
of which, i bet i could be safe
the light flick, hope i didn’t wake the neighbors
yo, haha, check it
so i spark it back up and the rain starts pourin’
highway 3’s spittin’ and it never gets boring
can’t complain about great -ss weed
a heavy rain or the
[work in progress]

california kid, california dream