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hocico – a broken glass (exclusive bonustrack) lyrics


i dream of killing myself, i’m in front of a screen
it reflects my dead shape, but death has never scared me
i break the screen i think of fleeing, i start to hear a melody
that guides my will to understand why my deathwish is so real
i get out for a walk and i can not find anymore
a feeling that makes me stay everything looks so grey
a broken gl-ss touches my neck, i want to cut my innocence
i’m hypnotized looking the gl-ss, i want to feel it’s coldness
i flee from the land of the sin
i want to hear one last melody
i want to flee
my life runs out, i’ve given up, don’t care about my family
there’s no doubt they won’t care too, it’s time to bring my destiny
a broken gl-ss cuts my neck, i start to feel a bit tired
all around turns to red, just hope death arrives in time